Whoa… I did it!

I have been in the land of the eating… I mean of being in control of ALL food with NO limitations for 2 days now. I could say that I am relieved that Whole30 is over, but anxiety took over on day 31. All I could think about was, am I going to reintroduce food and trigger my overeating part of my brain? Will my win over struggling with food stop?

I am still sugar free, but I can’t say the same for wine and carbs. Last night I celebrated with a girls night out, and after 3 glasses of wine my inhibitions were lowered and so was my food tank. I enjoyed a burger with the bun, and the fries. When it comes to the reintroduction process, I failed. My only high five was I said no to cheese, and ketchup (sugar).  Today I still feel great, and healthier than I have been in my life!


There were definitely physical changes, but those aren’t the changes I focused on. Yes I did run to the scale on day 31… Yes some things will never change, but those days of training my brain won over all!

I cut out ALL sugar and wine for 30 days.

I cooked meals 90% of the 30 days, and even got out of my comfort zone with trying new things.

I stayed away from the scale, when that was the way I started my days.

I have a new found confidence, AND no more fog brain!

BEST VICTORY OF ALL, was that my doctor was right! Clean eating did help annihilate ALL my hormone issues of burning skin, dizziness, and nausea.

The physical changes were awesome as well, as I went down a shirt size, pants that were too tight are now loose, and I am down 11 pounds.

I will add a side note that getting back to exercising did help with the physical changes.


I am going to enjoy the month of August learning how to win my struggle over food without any restrictions. I am going to stick with Whole 30 meals, while adding paleo, and the occasional treat meals (meals that have the Whole 30 no’s)

September 5th I will be starting my next round! Whole 30 is launching a GIANT group challenge, and I can’t wait to be a part of it! If you would like to see how Whole 30 can benefit you, comment below or on my Facebook page (Click home on the menu above) and I will add you to the Whole 30 group I am a part of!

When Life Gives You Lemons…

When life gives you lemons, you praise God. You meditate on His guidance.

The past 2 weeks I have been dealing with writer’s block. Yes that truly is a thing. I tried writing week at a glances, and no words would form. I tried writing something witty, informational, or heck even something inspiring. Again no words would form.


I was in a funk I couldn’t get out of. First I was recovering from the death of my grandmother, and then I was recovering from a blow at work. I tend to feel first, and think it through later.

I spent that week reading the book of James, and of course a certain scripture pounded me on the head.

“Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.” James 1:19 (NLT)

It’s a good thing I let Jesus take the wheel, as I was rethinking everything about my passion with teaching children. Dramatic much? See, I feel before thinking.

I have spent the month of July reflecting on my future, and what it could entail. I focused on so much of the what ifs, that I was missing out on the big picture: God’s plan.


My what ifs stopped focusing on my troubles, and more on, “What if God planned this change in my life?”

That’s when I stopped feeling dejected, and more at peace. What if this plan for me will give me the extra experience for my future as a teacher? I am not one to shy away from a challenge, and this will be one of my greatest! My new attitude is I am going to bring it, and rock this new challenge!


Unruly Evil

The tongue is used for many reasons. We use it to taste, forming different sounds as we speak, and sometimes we use it to stick it out to make a point. My favorite use of my tongue is usually the taste part.

Before bed last night I felt the need to read my Bible. Right now I am on the book of James. After a long day of traveling, and fretting over how I was going to keep to Whole30 rules (there may have been a mini-tantrum over this) I really wanted to ignore the feeling, and just go to bed. God of course comes first, so I happily obliged. 

James 3 is mainly about how we use our tongue verbally. We use it to build up our Lord above, and to tear down those who do us wrong (James 3:9).

The verse I couldn’t help but go back to was James 3:8, ” But no man can tame the tongue. It is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.” 

All over social media this deadly poison is spewed to bring people down. I have seen the most vile things said to others, and they don’t even know the person they are talking about. Lately this poison has been used to bring down other races, stereotyping, body shaming, and just all around judging. 

I am in no way perfect. I too suffer from passing all judgement on those I don’t know.  If we feel guilty about doing it, then how do we change?

My goal is to be aware:

  1. Be aware of my thoughts.
  2. Be aware if what I am saying is helpful, or hurtful.
  3. Be aware if I would say these things to this person, and feel good about it. 
  4. Be aware of how the other person would feel knowing I am judging them. 
  5. Be aware of the shoes they are walking in are different than the shoes I am walking in.

Our goal everyday should not only be to praise God in ALL things, but to also build up everyone we come in contact with. Remember, God is your Father, and the Father of those you gossip about. God wants good things for ALL his children! 

A Week at a Glance

Cutting out what you are used to eating daily,  and going the Whole 30 route has been an adventure. It’s only been 1 week, and in these 7 short days there have been plenty of ups and downs to get me to want to uncork that bottle of wine in the fridge , while saying “Peace out Whole 30 suckas!”

The Ups:

I have more energy, and without feasting on B12 to get me through the day.

I have the motivation to be active, and downloaded PokemonGo to get me out and walking (don’t judge, you know you are playing it too)

I am eating some of the yummiest foods I have ever cooked on my own.

image1 (3)

Whole 30 bacon is the best bacon I have ever eaten. Without Whole 30 I would have never even thought to try it.

I can make my own mayo, and applesauce. (Don’t worry, they are used separately)

The best of all is that clothes I wore during my “food baby” stage are fitting better. This is in only 7 days. Either clean eating REALLY does a body good, or I was REALLY eating so horribly that I put my body into shock. (I am guessing all of the above).

The Downs:

I miss wine. After the events that happened in Dallas and the loss of my grandma, all I wanted to do was drink away those sorrows. I prevailed and turned to my saving grace of prayer and LaCroix sparkling water.

Sugar hangover is real and it hit me like a mac truck.

Going to the movies, and not eating buttery popcorn felt like the Devil taunting me.

Training my brain that I don’t need to raid the pantry at 9pm every night is still ongoing. I should probably stop watching my favorite cooking shows then as well. I guess I like a challenge.


I have never felt this great in my life on any other eating plan. I know it’s only going to get harder, as I will be traveling this week to California. My comfort of home will be gone, and I will have to get out of my hermit shell. I know being out in the real world is going to have to happen, and this test will truly help me for the future!

FRIENDS quote of the week:

“Brussels sprouts? That’s worse than no food!” Ross in TOW the Late Thanksgiving

Prayer and Peace


Over the weekend our family lost this wonderful lady. She was a wife, mother, daughter, sister,  grandmother, great grandmother, and friend. To me she was grandma.

I have many memories of this beautiful woman, but my favorite was going with her to beading classes. She is the reason I know so much about making jewelry. My grandma was one of the best, I may be impartial, but her pieces definitely speak for themselves. I believe she is the reason why we were given such creative brains, as she could knit, crochet, sew, and much more.


My grandmother had spunk, and usually spoke her mind. Eric and I laughed many times with her “tell it like it is” attitude. Maybe it was the “I am old, and just don’t care what people think” stage of life. Regardless it was awesome to see many people cringe at her expense.

I was blessed to see her last month while visiting California. I will not remember how dementia had taken over her body, or that she didn’t really know who I was. What I will remember most was this look of peace at times while she prayed. She had always been wise, and loved God.

After I got the call, I burst into tears. I knew she was in a better place, but I had a hard time feeling that. I decided to pray, and ask God to take care of my grandma. At that moment a calm washed over me, and I felt the presence of not only my grandma, but also my grandfather. She had been reunited with her true love, and was in the place we all hope to go when we die.

I am human and will be mourning her for some time, but I am excited that she has a dementia free body and is holding hands once again with my grandfather.


All Humankind Matters

Today I was going to focus on food. Today my focus is actually on human kind. I woke up dazed from the tragedies that have struck in the last few days. Fear is crippling the world, when love and peace should be what we all embody.

The first thing I did today was turn to what calms me the most, my Bible.  When I am fearful I give it all to God. That is my spiritual “Happy Medium”. Two words popped out right away… “Love thy Neighbor”. Never did it say judge by character, looks, money, color, etc. It said “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR”. In tragedy we need to practice this more, and not fuel hate with hate.

These words are brought on by these faces, and this post on Instagram:


When tragedy strikes, because of hate, I look at these smiling faces. These faces have been taught love and compassion. They have never been taught to hate, period. Hate is a bad word in our house. They have never been taught to look at someone and turn their heads, because of how they look. Only thing I have taught is to “love thy neighbor,” and if someone’s character is bringing them down, they walk away. They are not taught to hate or retaliate. They are taught to fight for the underdog, and have compassion for those who need love when their world is surrounded by hate. I pray for the world that surrounds them, humanity at its weakest, and unity for all.” #prayforhumanity #trustingod #prayingforpeace #lovemykids #loveallpeople

Let’s come together as one whole. Let’s stop the division, regardless of why the division is happening. The Beatles had it right when they sang, “All You Need is Love”.

Why Whole30?

I know what you are probably thinking. If you are trying to find the Happy Medium with food, then why would you even try something so drastic? That’s not really finding the happy medium.

Stop right there. I too thought the same thing a year ago when I first learned of this. People were saying how they were trying this strict new eating plan of NO sugar (I could handle this one), no rice (you still have my attention), no dairy (lactose intolerant, next), no beans (hold the phone… I married a Mexican, we have beans weekly), and no alcohol (yep, you lost me. You can’t POSSIBLY think that I could give up my wine, did you?).

Fast forward to now, after years and years of counting points (Weight Watchers does work, just too time consuming for my life and not in the budget), counting calories (again too much work), measuring in cute boxes (washing them after each use was just too much for daily meal planing), and just trying to eat healthy (no accountability means binging on a whole bag of BBQ potato chips) got me frustrated and the heaviest I have been in years. I needed SOMETHING to help me stop growing food babies. Looking 6 months pregnant when immaculate conception was the only way of being with child was very depressing.

On a whim I joined a friends Whole30 group. I wanted to see what this “fad diet” was ALL about. I mean you don’t get to eat ANYTHING fun! Decided to check out the Whole30 website, and do my own research. Even bought the book… What can I say? I love books! With a glass of wine (hey, I hadn’t committed yet) I started reading. Just in the prologue I learned that this was NOT another fad diet. 

image2 (1)

Click to check out the book for yourself! 

Whole30 is about resetting your bodies composition. Do you suffer from intestinal issues? I do! Hormonal imbalance? I do thanks to getting older. Allergies? Thank you Texas for this! These are just a few things that Whole30 (clean eating) says it can help alleviate. This doesn’t mean I can NEVER have wine again. It just means that at the end of the 30 days I can reintroduce these foods and drinks SLOWLY, and see what may trigger these ailments. If I go and eat a big plate of garlic noodles from my favorite Pho place, and I start feeling it in my gut (literally not figuratively), then I know I probably shouldn’t eat these often.

Whole30 isn’t for everyone, but eating clean should be. As of right now, it really isn’t that hard. I am only on day 3, so stay tuned for my “KILL ALL THE THINGS” phase. Plus after 3 days of testing out the recipes in the book, I have never cooked and eaten SO WELL!


“She’s got me doing butt clenches at my desk. And now, they won’t bring me my mail anymore.” Chandler Bing: TOW Ross Finds Out.