Why Whole30?

I know what you are probably thinking. If you are trying to find the Happy Medium with food, then why would you even try something so drastic? That’s not really finding the happy medium.

Stop right there. I too thought the same thing a year ago when I first learned of this. People were saying how they were trying this strict new eating plan of NO sugar (I could handle this one), no rice (you still have my attention), no dairy (lactose intolerant, next), no beans (hold the phone… I married a Mexican, we have beans weekly), and no alcohol (yep, you lost me. You can’t POSSIBLY think that I could give up my wine, did you?).

Fast forward to now, after years and years of counting points (Weight Watchers does work, just too time consuming for my life and not in the budget), counting calories (again too much work), measuring in cute boxes (washing them after each use was just too much for daily meal planing), and just trying to eat healthy (no accountability means binging on a whole bag of BBQ potato chips) got me frustrated and the heaviest I have been in years. I needed SOMETHING to help me stop growing food babies. Looking 6 months pregnant when immaculate conception was the only way of being with child was very depressing.

On a whim I joined a friends Whole30 group. I wanted to see what this “fad diet” was ALL about. I mean you don’t get to eat ANYTHING fun! Decided to check out the Whole30 website, and do my own research. Even bought the book… What can I say? I love books! With a glass of wine (hey, I hadn’t committed yet) I started reading. Just in the prologue I learned that this was NOT another fad diet. 

image2 (1)

Click to check out the book for yourself! 

Whole30 is about resetting your bodies composition. Do you suffer from intestinal issues? I do! Hormonal imbalance? I do thanks to getting older. Allergies? Thank you Texas for this! These are just a few things that Whole30 (clean eating) says it can help alleviate. This doesn’t mean I can NEVER have wine again. It just means that at the end of the 30 days I can reintroduce these foods and drinks SLOWLY, and see what may trigger these ailments. If I go and eat a big plate of garlic noodles from my favorite Pho place, and I start feeling it in my gut (literally not figuratively), then I know I probably shouldn’t eat these often.

Whole30 isn’t for everyone, but eating clean should be. As of right now, it really isn’t that hard. I am only on day 3, so stay tuned for my “KILL ALL THE THINGS” phase. Plus after 3 days of testing out the recipes in the book, I have never cooked and eaten SO WELL!


“She’s got me doing butt clenches at my desk. And now, they won’t bring me my mail anymore.” Chandler Bing: TOW Ross Finds Out.

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